Avanti Europe

Our company name, Avanti Europe, has been derived to convey a double intention.  Avanti is the Latin word for progress and Europe is the geographical area in which our company operates.  With two strategically based offices in England and Switzerland, we are able to connect with our network of consultants and subject matter experts throughout Europe, to deliver our services with a cultural customer focus.

Our credo is to Move Business Forward, and this can be accomplished by providing expert knowledge and resource throughout full life cycle development and commercialisation of a product or service.

The leadership team within Avanti Europe is highly qualified and certified and brings many years of specialised knowledge and experience gained within a variety of multinational corporations, businesses and industries across Europe.

As certified specialist, we connect within our network with subject matter experts to equip our customers with highly qualified professional staff to provide placements or training that meet the demands of our clients.

We are different

The current standard approach is for recruiters and agents to make the placement and contact is only made when the contract is due for renewal. We do it differently and care about both the expert and the client to establish a constant exchange and alignment of needs.

Based on the principles of Knowledge Management, our company’s focus is on the sharing of knowledge both within Avanti Europe and our customers, which enables integration and support for business objectives. Our operating values include synergetic principles whereby our consultants are able to receive support for challenging situations that may require a pool of knowledge to provide the best solutions for their client without compromising confidentiality agreements.

During their employment with Avanti Europe, our Experts are provided with generous free credits towards the Avanti Europe Academy training courses.  Not only does this provide them with motivation to work for a progressive company by means of their continuous development, it also assures our clients of our commitment to providing highly skilled and qualified personnel in areas of professional expertise.

We provide web-based and in-house training that can be tailored to the specific customer requirements to bring current best practices and knowledge, in many areas and disciplines, within the workplace. The Avanti Europe Team holds qualifications such as:

  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Total Quality Management (MSc)
  • Chemical Engineering and Mechanical and Production Engineering (BSc Hons.)
  • Project Management (PMP)
  • Management Sciences, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Quality Assurance, Knowledge Management and Big Data, Software computing and testing, teacher training (Certified)

Based on the demonstrated qualifications and experience within Avanti Europe, we can define and understand our customers’ requirements and are able to interview and select the most suitable and appropriate candidates prior to presentation for a recruitment position. The support for both consultant and the customer is continuous and resource is available within the Avanti Europe network to provide recommendations and solutions to complex challenges.

Operating Principle

Avanti Europe has a clear vision for the direction of the company and this is supported by our operating principles that will be followed in order to make that progress. These principles are focused on our day to day business ethics and provide the guidelines for a strategic decision making process that can be continually reviewed through achievements attained as described in Avanti Europe’s Mission Statement.


Competitive advantage rewarded through excellence


To be our clients’ preferred supplier for specialist consultancy and recruitment personnel by providing an intrinsic quality service that consistently exceeds all of our customers’ expectations


  • Based on trust, engagements and partnerships that gain a common understanding of customer needs and expectations
  • Provide support and knowledge management to enable the application of sustainable best practices to our clients and network
  • Highly competitive cost structure achieved through Lean operations aligned with budgetary requirements
  • Timely delivery of services and support aligned with customer business strategy