Looking for a challenging, interesting new position?

Browse through our job board to review the positions we have on offer from our selective clients who are seeking highly motivated and experienced professionals within specific areas of expertise.  Application for any position of interest is simplified through our versatile and easy to use job site platform.

Your application will be treated with respect and courtesy during the selection process, with feedback given to each applicant regarding the status of the application. All applicants have an option for Avanti Europe to retain their details in order that consideration can be given for future positions that may become available in their area of expertise.

Not all vacant and pending jobs are advertised on the job board so should there be no suitable positions currently advertised, then feel free to register your details for consideration during our selection process.

Why choose Avanti Europe as your agent or partner?

One of our core values is to ‘treat people how we would like to be treated ourselves’.  We have spent many years of consultancy where our agents have provided a placement with no further communication until contract renewal time approaches.

We are different.  There are occasions where projects or activities become complex and their resolution require synergy between subject matter experts.  During your employment with Avanti Europe we will provide support, if needed, by reaching out to our knowledgeable experts who can provide their advice.  In return, we would also take into consideration your expertise should complex problems require your specific skills and knowledge.

You are regarded as an asset to Avanti Europe and we will reward your hard work and loyal services with credit points towards any of the training courses within the Avanti Academy.  Credit points are awarded every month to the equivalent value of 100 GBP and they can be used any time during your assignment with Avanti Europe. This recognition not only guarantees your continuous development but also assures our clients that our consultants are receiving the opportunity for professional certification and knowledge specialisation.

This is your opportunity to break free from the ‘Norm’ and join an exciting team of subject matter experts in a young but ambitious company.

Wondering how we recruit?

We can support you with a less time-consuming, less burdensome approach. How we are doing it?

With our in-depth market experience and our professional education, we listen first to your wishes, extract key skills and critical requirements and verify these skills with you before starting to look for opportunities. As this process step is very effective and done in very little time due to vast experience in the professional field and the industry, key questions will help us to extract the needed information and if possible, add the Verified Expert Logo to your resume.