Advertise Job Vacancies

If you have a job vacancy within the industries we serve and the services we provide, we offer a free advertisement service where the details of your vacant position will be displayed within our jobs section.

Your job position will be targeted at experts within the service areas and consideration will also be given to the professionals within the Avanti Europe data base who are seeking new positions.

Applicant’s resumes will be screened for suitability of skills and experience prior to submission of the application.

Resume Selection

We take the first step of engaging with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements prior to the resume search and selection for fulfillment of the position being advertised. Our in-depth market knowledge and experience enables the extraction of key skills and educational requirements that are necessary within a given role and enables the filtering of resumes prior to formal selection of prospective candidates.

We understand that all resources are valuable, and we will undertake all possible activities including interviews and reference communications prior to resume submission. Our core value is based on our clients receiving quality candidates and not a high volume of resumes where a significant selection process has to be undertaken.

Avanti Europe’s Verified Expert

With many resumes received from our candidates, we feel that we owe a service to our clients to verify experience and skills that are contained with their resume.  Experience can be confirmed by interviews with the candidate’s references but this doesn’t always ensure the skill or level of expertise as claimed within their resume.  Our Verified Expert process is undertaken by our subject matter experts who will interview the candidate on key skills and knowledge that would be necessary to perform tasks for any given position.

Skills and knowledge that has been assessed through Avanti Europe will have a verification logo adjacent to the applicable area that has been verified.  This service gives additional peace of mind to our clients when selecting candidates for any open positions.